Lazenby Law Firm is dedicated to assisting individuals through the difficult and emotional struggle of "Family Court."

It all begins with a free consultation where your case will be discussed in great detail,  regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case and what to expect from the judge and your attorney.  The focus of the consultation is to provide you with information, answer questions, relieve concerns and provide options.  You will never feel pressured into hiring an attorney during this consultation. 

Lazenby Law Firm also takes pride in offering exceptional and aggressive representation at a reasonable cost.  Lazenby Law has a variety of representation plans that fit any financial situation.


Lazenby Law will take your case personal and will become an advocate for your rights. 

"Going though a divorce can be a very scary and unsure time in someone's life. But once I met with Mr. Lazenby I felt confident that my children and I were going to be ok. He was always very prompt on returning my calls and answering any questions that I might have big or small. I was able to get what I needed from my ex so that my kids and I are taken care of. Thank You Lazenby Law!"
"I was really impressed by how quickly and efficiently Lazenby Law Firm was able to handle my family's legal situation. Mr. Lazenby's calm and professional demeanor went a long way and put me at ease during a stressful time. I am very grateful and pleased with the results. I highly recommend Lazenby Law Firm's services!"

"There is no way to really rate this attorney because he exceeds anything I have ever seen. He is professional and has morals. He is empathic has has the ability to cut through and see past bs and work diligently and compassionately to keep his clients and their children safe. When no one could see through what was really happening, Christopher did and he fought for us. This attorney is the best and won't give up on you. Somehow he just knows what is right and knows the truth and fights to defend it. There is no way we would've made it safely through the last few years without him and his awesome work ethic. The rest of Arizona could really take a lesson from this attorney on how to fight for what's right and get some morals. If you are fighting against an abusive parent I highly recommend Christopher Lazenby because he has a heart and integrity and will defend your child's best interest and not give up on your child while still showing compassion. I give thanks every day for all he has done. Thanks Chris; you are the best and both of us appreciate you."

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Aggressive Representation starts with a

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I know that Divorce and Custody has a bad sound to it, and you can trust me that at times this line of work can be difficult and full of contention.  However, there are moments when I am able to help a parent spend more time with their children  or help a spouse receive the financial support they need to get back on their feet, which makes this job rewarding.




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  • WP. Carey School of Business 2008  Major: Business Finance

  • North Carolina Central University School of Law J.D. Cum Laude




  • Arizona, 2012

  • U.S. District Court Arizona, 2012


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In Arizona, the Divorce process begins with a Petition, filed at the superior court building, and served on the other spouse.  The case will either proceed by Default, if the other spouse does not respond, or will proceed to a trial if the other spouse files a Response, and a full agreement between the parties can not be reached.  Arizona is a “No Fault” divorce state, which means that a spouse does not need a reason to get divorced. You are able to get divorced in Arizona relatively quickly, compared to other states.  During the divorce process, there are several issues that must be resolved, which can be discussed in great detail in a free consultation.

The term “Custody” is the term commonly used to refer to who gets the children.  In Arizona, Custody is divided into two different terms, Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time.  “Legal Decision Making” is either shared by both parents or left to only one parent. Legal Decision Making allows both parents or one parent to make the legal decisions for the minor child, such as medical, education and religious decisions.  "Parenting Time" is exactly what it sounds like.  A parenting time schedule needs to be in place to ensure that the child spends time with each parent.   The main factor considered by the judge in deciding “Legal Decision Making” and “Parenting Time” is “what is in the best interest of the child.”  During your free consultation we can discuss the possibility of getting full or joint custody. 

The court will use the "Arizona Child Support Guidelines" to calculate child support.  An easy internet search will reveal child support calculators that will provide the general public with a potential range they would pay for child support.  HOWEVER, it is not always that simple to apply the "Guidelines" or the calculator.  One of the main factors in calculating child support is the income of the parties, but “What is considered income?” It is a good idea to consult with an attorney to identify what is considered income, or if a parent is unemployed, or working below earning capacity, what that parent’s potential income could be. 









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